Friday, October 10, 2008

Making It!: Week 3

Week #3

Finding New Inspiration
Maybe it makes sense that you first have a couple of blah and boring days before you are hit with new inspiration. I feel i have lost a lot of time on nothing most part of this week. Not a good thing. I'm relieved that i am currently hit with new creative ideas and some fun projects to work on. Guess this was just one of those weeks that i wasn't really satisfied with myself. If i would have had a boss, he or she would definitely raised an eyebrow this week. Like, Issey, what's up? Lost your groove?... more

Binding Tricks and Tips
I've made 4 quilts so far, only started not too long ago (may) and still very much a beginner. I've picked up a few tips since then, been adding my little edits along the way too. At the beginning, I found the binding part, the most trying. Trying because you are so close to being finished! And yet still quite a bit of ways away too. Making those perfect mitered corners and keeping everything even and tidy can be challenging sometimes... more

I almost kind of broke my internet addiction. Kind of.
So I have not had the internet at my disposal this past week, thus the infrequent posting. It has been a both a blessing, and a curse; I was able to complete many new items over the past week without the computer luring me to waste time window shopping (ha! that actually works) or checking and re-checking Etsy, but, unfortunately, it prohibited me from telling all of you the good news that I WAS ACCEPTED INTO MY FIRST CRAFT SHOW! YIPPEE!! more

Work in progress, 'WIP'
I have been doing some (like a friend calls it) WIP (work in progress) in the past few days. It has been a bit difficult to sit down behind my sewing machine and really do it... more

Meet Dana, Tina, Kristina and Ismoyo.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

So great to hear how all the ladies are doing!