Friday, October 3, 2008

Making It!: Week 2

Week #2
Creative energie
I am feeling a bit philosophical today........The topic which is going around in my mind a few days now... more

My crafts in print!
I think yesterday was the best mail day ever! Ever. In my life. My publisher sent me the first advance copies of my craft book! "100 Applique motifs. Cute, creative ways to enjoy applique". It was such a long journey and seeing all that hard work all finished in print is so rewarding i don't even know how to express it. ... more

Hmmm... it is now October!
washwhendirty.etsy has been open now for about 5 months next week. I opened my etsy store on june 9th and started posting items about a month later. It hasn't been terribly successful I've only made about 13 sales so far... more

All sorts of scariness, and how I cope.
So, I bit the bullet. Despite not knowing whether or not I will be accepted into Charm City Craft Mafia's Holiday Heap, or into the show to which I have recently applied as well (DC Craft Mafia's Unusual Suspects Arts and Crafts Fair), I invested $150 into materials to produce goods to sell if I am chosen. What happens if I am not chosen?"... more

Meet Dana, Tina, Kristina and Ismoyo.


Marichelle said...

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone for stopping by and making Heart Handmade a part of your week. I know I haven't been responding to your comments, but please know that I read every single one and each one really brightens up my day. I ALWAYS stop whatever I'm doing to read your comments once I get the email notification - so thank you, I really appreciate them!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. As for me, I'll be making a few trips to Home Depot, removing yucky wallpaper in the kitchen and hopefully making some final paint color decisions (I hate committing!)

:) Marichelle