Monday, October 13, 2008

Jennifer Judd-McGee

Artist of the Month >> Jennifer Judd-McGee, Portland, ME

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Random Facts about Jennifer >>
1. I grew up in coastal maine and am happiest near the ocean.
2. I'm extremely shy + hate public speaking.
3. If I wasn't making art, I might like to run a small restaurant.
4. I keep a small secret journal of the funny (+ serious) things my kids say. It's the thing I would run for in a fire - I treasure it so much.
5. I struggle with seasonal affective depression.
6. My secret shame: Watching old episodes of veronica mars while working. Bring back the snarky teenage feminist detective!

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What inspires me... >>

Right now I love Bon Iver (see playlist below), everything Janine at uppercase gallery is up to, (1) moss, (2) lichen, (3) 3191 a year of mornings (and now evenings,) (4) security envelope patterns, (5) my morning coffee with my friends' stuff up on flickr each day, (6) over and over by mike perry and, (7) stacks of clean towels, (8) catherine holm patterns + colors and (9) old ledgers and cast off journals

Visit Jennifer's shop, blog at and make sure you check out her amazing photography skills.

Thanks Jennifer!!

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Melissa de la Fuente said...

I am a big fan of Jennifer's beautiful work...and I love her notebook she keeps of the sweet and funny things her kids say....I am inspired by that. Lovely and lovely to learn more about her.

Julie said...

I just got my copy of 3191 in the mail the other day! Definitely inspiring.

And I'm with you on No. 9. I have an unhealthy love for them and thus a compulsion to buy pretty much every one I come across!

I'm also inspired by all the handmade wonders I find in your posts :)

sulu-design said...

Love Jen. Love her work. Love her inspiration list. Thanks for the interview!