Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craft 101: Green & Thrifty Table Decorations

Make your own table confetti to jazz up Halloween or even your Thanksgiving table setting.

One of my friends got married last year and I was "in charge" of table embellishments, so I came up with a green and thrifty idea that could work for any occasion - all you have to do is switch the color palette.

I discretely grabbed stacks of paint swatches from various hardware and paint stores. Free and the color options are endless - what more can you want? I chose sage green and chocolate brown hues to go with Lyn's motif. Then I just simply punched circles using hole punchers. I have a regular standard puncher, a scalloped-edge 3/4" and a plain 1" circle puncher. It's nice to have various sizes and edge styles to add texture (but not necessary).

You'll notice that some of them will have marketing copy on the other side of the swatch. If you have time and don't want this to be visible, you can dab some glue and stick two circles together... or just leave it and embrace your thriftiness and ingenuity!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

What a great idea! So clever.....

Karen said...

PLUS - we used them as place markers for Bridal Bingo :-)