Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My little interview

Dear Friends,
I wanted to share an interview that I just did with Melissa of Melissa Loves and Ez of Creature Comforts. It's part of their latest series Tea + Talk.

I hope you head on over so you can get to know me a little better. I'm a little scared :/ it's my first ever interview! Thanks again Melis and Ez, I had so much fun answering all of your thoughtful questions!!!

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All the best,


MaricrisG said...

Hey Marichelle! How are you? I knew you were Filipina as soon as I saw your picture but didn't really ring true until I saw your interview with Melissa. I am glad to find out that you are Filipina. As you can see, I don't see that much filipino around Charlotte and finding one even online is such an amazing discovery for me. I adore your creations. You've got pure talent. I wish you would let me learn from you. I would love that! I try to catch you on twitter but I guess there's just so much traffic in between so it's like a hit or miss! :) well, I'm happy to meet you and hope to be more acquainted.

Maricris said...

Interviews are my favorite blog posts to read! I'm headed over right now!

Marichelle said...

Hi Maricris, thank you so much for such a lovely note. I appreciate you taking out the time to say hello. Learn from me?...Thanks for your vote of confidence, but I'm not sure I'm much of an expert! Happy to "meet" you too and thank you again for reading!

Hi Rachel! Hope you like it!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview Marichelle - it was fun to read! Congrats!

Interviews are my favorite blog posts too. I think that's why I love Heart Handmade so much because a lot of your features are interview-style, presented in a unique and visually appealing format and interesting to read.

Marichelle said...

Thanks Lisa! Thank you so much for taking notice (and for letting me know) I really appreciate that!!

Mod and Mint said...

Tea + Talk? That sounds so nice! Ok, i'm heading over there to read right now!