Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shop + Tell: Aggie

Aggie, a Heart Handmade reader who recently had a great experience on Etsy and wanted to share her finds...

How often do you indie-shop?
Not very often. Vol25 was my very first indie purchase. When I saw the Uptown, hadn't a clue where to place it but it was a great print that I couldn't pass up. And Vol25
prices are extremely affordable.
a. We are shaped by our thoughts
b. Grand Wishes (cotton candy series)
c. Roses among us
d. Uptown
e. Tunes (which was actually a gift with purchase)
How does it make you feel?
elated, giddy, happy, ecstatic and warm

What made you buy it?
Even though the print "we are shaped by our thoughts" is black and white, I knew it would go well in the kitchen
but the rest I bought because of the colors. I love color. The prints have, to me, beautiful colors.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

*sigh* What a lovely haul! :) I adore Vol25 and am smitten with that "cotton candy" series. I just noticed now that Vol25 prints all her work on canvas paper which must be really nice and luxe. Thanks for sharing Aggie!

Karen said...

Wow...what a great group of prints!