Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shop + Tell: RJ

RJ of Bailey Doesn't Bark!! A special friend and a regular contributor here at HH with her "Confessions of a Soapaholic" column!

How often do you indie-shop?
Last month I made fifteen purchases on etsy... yikes. I would say on average 5-10 purchases a month. Not always big, just little things here and there. supplies, gifts,... most are bath + beauty products, and that can add up pretty fast...
Scores...Xenotees - Collective Name of Animals T-Shirt
How does it make you feel?
Unique, comfortable and a little bit more educated about collective names of animals ;)
What made you buy it?
I am t-shirt person. When I saw this one I completely fell for it. I think the print is very unique and fun - ultimately genius, actually.
(A list of over 100 animals & their collective names). There are so many printed t-shirts out there with the same look, I wanted something different.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

So fun! First of all, how gorgeous are you,RJ?!
And an awesome photo...Thanks for sharing sweetie!