Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shop + Tell: Leila

Leila of Needle and Dime

How often do you indie-shop?
I probably buy between 1 and 3 handmade products per month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I think it depends on how many projects of my own I have going on and so how much money is being diverted to materials.
Scores... a Rae Dunn mini bowl
How does it make you feel?
The little bucket makes me think of all of the things that are meant to hold things and the simplicity of them. And this bowl is certainly simple!
What made you buy it?
I found one of Rae Dunn's chair mugs in a little shop on Cape Cod. The wonderful ladies in the shop searched high and low for more mugs of the set for me but couldn't find anything. So I bought the one piece that they had and started a mission to find more of her pieces. As a result, I eventually found her blog and etsy shop where I found a lot more than just the chair mugs to love.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Lovely! I am a big fan of Rae Dunn's ceramics! thanks for sharing!