Monday, May 5, 2008

Zine Machine

1. Subscription! What Did You Buy Today for a YEAR! or here by Obsessive Consumption
2. Someone's Not Talking Zine by makisquarepatch
3. I Heart Jacky by makisquarepatch
4. First Song - Illustrated Book by sprouthead
5. The Artist's Guide to Making Money book by Artist Guide
6. An Art Bureau Trifecta ... Three of Our Best Sellers in One Bundle by Art Bureau


yasmine said...

hello. i saw your blog in design for mankind's post, and i just wanted to say that your blog is awesome! and it's extra awesome since you post about 'zines! <3!

Marichelle said...

Yasmine, thank you so much!! And I'm glad you enjoyed the zine machine post - I just started looking into zines so hopefully I 'll find some more interesting ones to share! Thnks again for taking the time out to leave a note :)