Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shop + Tell: Melissa de la Fuente

Who: Melissa de la Fuente, desiger of the lovely Acts of Kindness jewelry line, weekly contributor at Creature Comforts and a special friend whom I met through this crazy world of blogging.
How often do you indie-shop?
Once a week, husband says 2x week! :) He is probably right! So, 8-12 items a month Not all for me of course! Truly!
Scores... a DrikaB Giallo Weekender
How does it make you feel?
Happy, stylish, organized, fresh and unique
What made you buy it?
Well, the first thing that made me buy it was it's looks! It was love at first sight! Then, I liked it's size and price. I thought it was a good price and something I could swing as I needed a new purse.

Thanks Melissa!!

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Karen said...

I actually just bought the red Drika weekender....and now i see that she put an orange one up for sale!!!

Thanks for showing your bag to me Melissa...and thanks Mar for introducing me to Melissa :-)

Anonymous said...

Melissa looks happy with her new purchase--and I don't blame her! I've been coveting a drikab bag myself.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, good for you Karen! You will not be disappointed, it is a SWEET bag! I am having fun Kai! ;) Thanks for this super fun feature Marichelle!

Marichelle said...

karen,kai & melissa:

karen, so excited to see your bag!
kai, I'm jealous as well - it really IS a greate bag (saw it in person!)
melissa, thank YOU!

Mrs.French said...

this bag honestly haunts me...everywhere I turn it is there! It is destined to be mine!

Marichelle said...

mrs. french, it really is a great one - perfect size, fabric, color, price... can't go wrong :)