Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sail Away

Sail away with these ship-shape finds:
1. The Sailboat from Marseille by lapomme
2. Nautical stripes screenprinted notes by cutiepiecompany
3. Nautical Brooch by 123rainbeau
4. Sailboat & Anchor Key Fobs by preppypetunia
5. Reiter8 Large Black 7 Messenger Bag by reiter8
6. Sperm Whale White (Moby Dick) - 2ft. by Morning Star Design


Anonymous said...

I looove your Nautical collage! The brooch is super cute, and would certainly do wonders on a simple white and red summer outfit

lisagh said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! I'm definitely adding this site to my Bloglines.
- Lisagh aka preppypetunia

Unknown said...

I love the nautical theme! ^^

reiter8 said...

Of course I'm a fan of the nautical theme but more over I love the super creative way you display it all! Lookin' good!

Apol said...

Thank you for featuring my sailboat! This is very lovely!

Marichelle said...

Monica: that outfit sounds perfect to me!

preppypetunia: (i love that name) you're welcome, love the sailboat!

chicadecanela: hello! thanks for stopping by.

reiter8: thank you, love love love your bags!

LaPomme: your sailboat is the cutest! I'm a big fan :)