Monday, April 21, 2008

Curves in all the right places

1. Bone Votive by sarapaloma
2. Flower Lampshade by
3. Mocha jacket/shirt by Ena Daro Couture
4. Textile/Fibre Art Flower Corsage Brooch by sujati
5. Pink Sugar Oatmeal Soap -Blossom by 4thAveSoapCo


/// said...

(a). I LOOOOOOOVE that lamp!
(b). I'm your fairy-blog-sister? Oh goodness that makes me cry!
(c). I am LOVING Heart Handmade.
(d). I am LOVING YOU!!! :)

/// said...

(e). Now I HAVE to come to NYC!

Marichelle said...

Isn't that the sexiest lamp ever?? And totally my fairy-blog-sister :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love these items you have put together, so lovely and so lovely together. Love that lamp, that soap and that votive!

Marichelle said...

Glad you like the picks Melissa - these were definitely fun to put together!