Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sew & Tell

Perfect gifts for the seamstress.

:: The Tailor of Untold Tales Pocket Mirror by Lilymoon
:: I Heart Sewing Note Cards by artlife
:: Starfruit Needlebook Pincushion by Handmade Pretties
:: Sewing Machine Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by craftpudding
:: Windmills of poems and lace print by Lilymoon


Yum Yum Buttons said...

Thanks for featuring my "i heart sewing" cards! I love how you do these as a bulletin board -- very cute idea!

Luke said...

I love, love, LOVE the pincushion! The color combo is perfect. Gee, I need to learn how to sew sew.

Marichelle said...

artlife: You're welcome!
luke: It's a pretty cool one, I like its unique shape. I have to admit that I get a little help from Hillsy with the sew quirky titles!

Giusy Jdeebella said...

Hello, I'm Giusy and I love the Craftpudding rubber stamps! I missed the sewing machine, thanks to this post I saw it and just buyed!
I found your blog on flickr, great site!
Love, Giusypatch

Marichelle said...

Hi Guisy, I'm glad you were able to snatch it - her stamps are the best! I'm so happy you enjoy the site! -m