Thursday, March 27, 2008

peaceful provisions by Catriona McLean

Catriona McLean, Melbourne, Australia
Brand: peaceful provisions

I love how Catriona seamlessly combines screenprinting, stitching and appliqué - creating the most wonderful range of "peaceful keepsakes", from handprinted cushion covers to the cutest toys (prices range from $10-$35).

Children are particularly inspirational to me - the way they play, what they talk about, and the way they look at the world.

"I live in Melbourne, Australia. I started my little business - peaceful provisions - in the middle of 2007 after a lot of daydreaming and contemplation. The idea for peaceful provisions grew over a number of years while I was studying for my Arts degree. I was working part-time as an assistant in a kindergarten and simultaneously reflecting a lot on my own childhood. I had come to really appreciate the preciousness of children, and the need to respect and treasure them as much as possible.

Original Papercut/Collage - Starry Night Girl

"Children seem so rushed these days with various pressures to grow up and keep up with the latest crazes, but given time and encouragement to explore their natural world, they will find beauty and fascination in the simplest of things. I make crafts that I hope can be a sort of alternative to the mass-produced and highly commercial products that often dominate children's lives. I value the idea of 'slowing down' and getting back to basics, and I believe that handmade items (in and of themselves) really encapsulate this very idea.

"I am currently studying to be a kindergarten teacher."

1. What do you call yourself? (e.g., Independent designer, crafter, maker, artist) I think at the moment I am a 'maker of gifts for children'.

2. What inspires you? How do you get past crafter's block? I look for inspiration wherever I can find it. Children are particularly inspirational to me - the way they play, what they talk about, and the way they look at the world. My own childhood memories also play a role in my creativity. I just love looking at things - nature, colours, art, textiles, paper, children's books... the list could go on and on.

If I have crafter's block I usually put my project away for a while. I go and have a cup of tea, or come back to it the next day.

3. What tool(s) can't you live without? My screen printing screen and squeegee, my sewing machine, and my x-acto knife.

4. Who is your idol, current craft-crush? Etsy has introduced me to so many amazing artists! At the moment I am drawn to the felt bowls at Papaver Vert and Project Felt, and the beautiful pieces at Hightower Pottery.

5. How long have you been doing this? Around 4 years. But I only crafted sporadically in the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing. Now I do it most days.

6. Where did you learn your craft? I taught myself the basics of sewing. I don't know how to read a pattern yet! Whatever I create, I make up as I go along. I think I will always be learning how to sew. I did a short course in basics of screen printing.

7. How would you describe your style? Sweet, playful, colourful, and of course peaceful!


Unknown said...

Well, I love these sweet pillows and adorable soft dolls! Beautiful. As someone with two small girls I appreciate the alternative toys for them and love anyone who is inspired by children. I am inspired by them too!

Unknown said...

These pillows are awesome Fantastic work! The purse is so cute too.

E - Skwiggle

Marichelle said...

Doesn't she make the cutest things? And Melissa, definitely agree - her soft dolls are the cutest.