Monday, March 17, 2008

essimar by Esther Ramirez

Esther Ramirez, Chicago, Illinois USA
Brand: essimar
22 independent boutiques and growing!

As usual, I had the toughest time narrowing down the number of items to showcase from this collection. Esther's shop is full of the most delectable pieces. She mentioned being inspired by beautifully decorated cupcakes and I can clearly see that in her work. I never gave it much thought before, but most pastries do have a certain organic sexiness to them.

I can’t live without paper scraps, glue and my xacto. Also without pastries from Alliance Bakery in Chicago, Yum.

I love her provocative use of color and texture. I also appreciate the fun she seems to be having while creating her masterpieces. Like most cupcakes I come across, Esther's creations instantly put a smile on my face!

I love her rigid lines and angles that have the ability to appear soft as circles!

1. What do you call yourself? (e.g., Independent designer, crafter, maker, artist) A maker who loves to give color.

2. What inspires you? How do you get past crafter's block?
Found colors, palettes, architecture and landscapes. To get past a crafter's block I like to put things away and come around the next day. The concept and perspective change drastically.

See what I mean by organically sexy? The intricate cut-outs
add a layer of mystery and are subtly revealing.

3. What tool(s) can't you live without? I can’t live without paper scraps, glue and my xacto. Also without pastries from Alliance Bakery in Chicago, Yum.

4. Who is your idol, current craft-crush? My idols are a married couple who make large-scale environmental installations using fabrics. Hmmm, current craft-crush would totally be rod hunting. He meticulously line sketches vintage technology and screen-prints them. Wow, he sure knows how to make a fine line.

5. How long have you been doing this? Since I was five. I’ve always collaged and made tiny paper installations and such. There is many, many more things out there to learn.

6. Where did you learn your craft? Maybe my grandmother or maybe the dirt.

7. Do you do this full-time? If not, what pays the bills? Yes, but I also have a job. Illinois is not the smartest place to park if your looking to be a full-time crafter or maybe it is.


Sarah said...

Are those coasters in the montage with the sheep? I love them!

Marichelle said...

They're actually cards but great idea - her designs would make beautiful coasters and placemats!