Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's amazing how a couple of super cute craft finds can motivate you to get organized!

:: Small memo pockets by Kasaa - I love accordion pockets!
:: Address File Box by UglyKitty - File cards are made out of reclaimed paper. Hurry only 1 in stock!
:: Sushi Large Fabric Pushpins by fabricfarrago - Sushi pushpins? Why not!
:: Bird Paperweight by chini - Perfect for anchoring my scattered post-it notes!
:: Magnets - Posies/Flow by artbynaomi - Can be used on a fridge or on a metal board.
:: Felted Wool Pencil Cup by Papaver Vert - Perfect for holding just about anything!


Unknown said...

Love the blog Marichelle!!! Thanks for all your hard work in putting the spotlight on such talented artists - I just love all the products featured in this spot today. Great work:-) ~Jen

Andrea Eames said...

Wow, these are great - you can indulge a fetish for stationery, organisation and handmade art at the same time! :)

Sarah said...

VERY inspirational, indeed. I love how you do the bulletin boards...very clever!

Marichelle said...

Jen & Sarah: I have so much fun creating these montages! I'm really glad you're enjoying them!

Andrea: good point! Thanks for stopping by.

Paperama said...

Wonderful blog, marichelle. I love your photo montages! Thanx so much for featuring my memo pockets.

Marichelle said...

glad you love them!! And you're very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration for my current studio redesign. Thanks, A

Marichelle said...

Angelia - oooh please do send me a pic when it's done, I'd love to see what you came up with!